Our primary function at Moov2 is to provide bespoke software application development services. We’re actually pretty damn good at it too if we may say-so ourselves. But, if we’re honest, the term application development has become what us software geeks would call “overloaded” (I.e. used for many different meanings). So when we say to you “we provide bespoke software application development services”, what do we actually mean?

In this article, we hope to provide a little more insight into how we can help you and if we can keep your attention for long enough (we do understand this might not be the most thrilling topic you need to read up on today so will try to keep things to the point), we’d like to convince you that we’re the best software development team for your bespoke application development needs.

What do I need to do to get bespoke business software built?

We’re assuming you’re reading this because you have some idea or opportunity that could be fulfilled by custom software development services of some sort. Whether that is an online, desktop or mobile application. You might find the simplest first step be to just pick up the phone (02380 893842) or drop us an email (info@moov2.com) and ask us if we can help. We’re always happy to discuss potential projects even if you’re not entirely sure exactly what you want. Our experienced software development team has provided professional software development across many different verticals and created a wide variety of applications so we’re used to helping convert thoughts and ideas into application project plans.

Hang on a minute, an application? I think I want a website…

The term “application” in the context of software development has become somewhat all-encompassing in recent times. Traditionally an application was simply called “software”. This is some code that is packaged up and installed on a computer to perform a specific task. Somewhere along the line we stopped calling this software and started referring to applications (as in the application of some software). In more recent times this has become even more confusing by offering different types of applications depending on how you’re actually viewing them:

Okay great… So what is an application again?

At it’s simplest, an application is a tool to help you do what you need to do quicker and easier. Whether that be buy your weekly shopping or become the next stock power-trader bazillionaire. Whether this is via a website, installed to your computer or on your mobile phone, an application should make your job easier and your life better. That’s what we think anyway and we’re pretty committed to this stuff. The good news is we can help with all of this and advise you on which platforms to approach and why.

Convinced we know what we’re talking about yet? Feel free to give us a call (02380 893842) or read on for more details on how we approach application development.

So what makes a successful application?

Whilst this is a very broad and subjective matter, there are several aspects of software development that are common across all projects and platforms. If you are approaching a software project we strongly advise you consider these points as they can make a huge difference to the success of a project

Ready to get started?

So to summarise, you build an application by focusing on objectives, building a good relationship with your software developers to create a unified team and keeping your application simple. Following these guidelines will have a significant impact on the success of your project. If you’d like more information or think we could work together, call us on 02380 893842 or email us info@moov2.com.