We’ve been on a bit of a roll lately producing some really nice web based HTML5 reporting applications. These aren’t all-encompassing, enterprise scale, featuretastic, bloated, unusable behemoths. These are small, succinct, usable and useful applications that are available from anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

Many organisations have valuable data that’s just not accessible to those who need it. Often they will have some form of enterprise reporting suite available but no one knows how to use it. Or those that do are abstracted away in a department far from reach of those who need it.

We’ve found with our recent projects that picking the reporting requirements that will offer the most immediate value and leaving out the “could-do”, “nice-to-have”, “might-be-useful-if” features has enabled a keen focus on the most important aspects. This leads to an application which is fully utilised as opposed to a much larger application of which most of the features aren’t used and requires a significant amount of training to get users up to speed.

HTML5 makes for a great reporting platform due to its broad reach. Done right, these applications are fast, intuitive, easy to use and portable. Following modern HTML5 development practices means mobile and tablet friendly reporting with minimal additional development time.

By keeping the focus narrow and utilising existing resources such as our own .Net MVC Boilerplate project and the excellent Google charts APIwe’ve been able to deliver valuable reporting tools to our clients with development times of just one or two weeks.

Kick-off to delivery of useful, usable reporting in under two weeks. It keeps budgets low and our clients are obtaining the added value they need quickly. Importantly, once this initial development is done there is a platform in place upon which to build so new reports can be easily added as and when needed.

Could you perform better with timely access to important data available on your mobile, tablet or desktop computer? Get in touch and discuss how we can help implement a HTML5 reporting tool for you.

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