Mobile devices and applications have become hot topics in recent times. To not consider mobile in any technical strategy is now a huge oversight and something that should be given due attention. Be that as part of a marketing campaign, business process re-engineering or new opportunity. Mobile platforms are here to stay and becoming more powerful and popular than ever.

Mobile Application Development Company

At Moov2 we don’t tie ourselves to any one particular technology, preferring to offer the most suitable solution to an opportunity rather than a preferred technology platform. We have experts in all the major mobile platforms and will offer a balanced and unbiased view as to which mobile application development services are most appropriate for your project. Whether that be mobile web app development leveraging the latest HTML5 technologies or native mobile software application development on iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

Why mobile?

It’s tempting to dismiss the complexities of mobile applications development with so many platforms and technologies, different hardware and masses of differing opinion it can be quite overwhelming. However the past six months (time of writing: Aug 2011) have seen a two percent rise to 7.6% in mobile versus desktop website visitors in the UK (source). Following that trend, within another six months almost one tenth of web users will be via mobile. To put that in perspective, it would be the equivalent of ignoring the population of Scotland in a UK targeted campaign. Mobile applications offer unique advantages not realisable on desktop such as location aware services, new interaction methods, truly any time anywhere usage and a new set habitual tendencies from users that can be beneficially leveraged.

Many organisations are successfully embracing the new opportunities available from mobile internet and application based offerings. From viral marketing ideas and games through to enterprise applications that provide time savings, more flexible working and more up to date management information the benefits to businesses are many.

Mobile Minefield

There’s no doubt about it, the mobile landscape is vast and confusing. An ever changing list of devices and technologies to choose from along with a constantly raging, opinion driven, debate on which are better and for what reason. Our intention as a mobile application company is to help demystify these important decisions. Here are just some of the common platform considerations when thinking about an investment in mobile:


Delivery Mechanism

Depending on your intended offering, there are a number of ways to deliver your clients/users a mobile experience.

How can we help?

We’ve kept fairly quiet about mobile so far but that’s not to say we haven’t been paying attention. Throughout the rise of mobile popularity we have been analysing, discussing, learning and developing for all of the major mobile platforms in efforts to be able to offer the best advice and development services possible.

At Moov2 we pride ourselves on our balanced, agnostic approach to the many technology choices and platforms. We don’t maintain blinkered allegiances to one brand/company/technology or another but focus our efforts on understanding what tools will be most appropriate to deliver the business objective with the right balance of efficiency and quality.

Whether you require consultancy to help define a mobile strategy or have a full-blown application idea you would like realised by our talented development team, drop us a line and run your thoughts by us, we’re sure you’ll be impressed with our contribution.

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