Keeping up with the rate of change in software development tools and techniques is by no means an easy task. It is however very valuable and rewarding to do so. Having an awareness of new technologies and best practices ensures that we can continue to offer the best advice to our clients and also to deliver the best possible solutions. Below are some of the latest additions to our services we have been successfully working with on recent projects.

Mobile development

There is no denying the impact the modern smartphone has had on todays technology landscape. From the first generation iPhone, mobile development has sky-rocketed and is now a significant consideration for most web and software projects. Having invested significant time and resource in these areas we are now experienced with the development processes for native iPhone, native Android, best practices HTML5 mobile web development and Windows Phone 7. We have also been experimenting with some of the multi-device development platforms such as Adobe Air and PhoneGap.

For more details of our insight into mobile see our mobile development page.


HTML5 mobile web
Moov2 has some fairly significant roots in traditional website development from our early days before our specialisation in bespoke software. Many things have evolved over the past few years with the advent of HTML5. Accompanying this are lots of new development practices and techniques surrounding modern semantic HTML, JavaScript and CSS. In our opinion, traditional web development tools are now a perfectly viable platform for delivering next generation online application experiences which previously relied on plugins and workarounds. We now have a deep understanding of the essential elements to make a modern, browser based web application that flies, looks great and works seamlessly across the different browsers.

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Moov2 have utilised Microsoft technologies (among others) for many years. The development environment provided by Microsoft’s Visual Studio tooling is truly second to none, a sentiment that is commonplace in even many of the harshest of MS critics. The arrival of ASP.Net MVC has been very well received and really aligns ASP.Net with core web principles that were previously abstracted to the detriment of the platform. ASP.Net MVC and the Visual Studio toolset offers a very productive platform for modern web application development. The framework and tooling offers many useful and efficient development improvements without sacrificing application performance, stability and scalability. Read more on why we’re developing with ASP.Net MVC.


Traditionally the role of an application database has been largely been fulfilled by a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) such as Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle or the open source MySQL amongst others. The modern RDBMS paradigm has remained largely unchanged now for decades. However, a recent movement termed by some as “NoSQL” has seen the advent of several new “Document Oriented Databases”. These new breed of data storage have a focus on solving the data storage issue differently and in alignment with today’s application demands. One such database is MongoDB with which we have now become very familiar after some initial experiments and very successful implementation. The difference in data storage is transparent to end users but for the owner organisation there are many potential advantages available not least of which are significant savings in licensing costs, potential great performance improvements and far easier scalability.

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In this post we wanted to share some of the technologies we’ve been successfully working with recently. In the future, we will be posting more in-depth details on the above and other tech from both a technical and strategic business perspective.

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