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No Man's Sky - Foundation Update website screenshot

New Website

On a rapid success curve, Supermassive Games identified the opportunity to better reflect their core values and proposition with a new website. Impressed with our previous work for Lionhead Studios, and our ideas and approach, Supermassive Games chose Moov2 as their partner for delivering their new website.

  • Design

  • We created a beautiful website tailored to Supermassive Games own requirements with a custom designed theme and complimentary pattern library.


No Man's Sky - Foundation Update website screenshot

Content First

We understand that even the best systems in the world are only as good as the content they facilitate. We, therefore, worked closely with the Senior Editorial Producer to define a content strategy as the first order of business.

After establishing content experts within Supermassive Games, we explored the possible content formats that would be necessary to display on the website. With a sample of real content, the user interface began to be devised to offer the best experience to the end users.

No Man's Sky - Foundation Update website screenshot

Visual Designs

Taking a mobile-first approached we developed a set of interactive wireframes to represent how content would be laid out and navigated to on the site, across different screen sizes.

With content and structure decided on, the next step was to make the site look beautiful. Form should never interfere with function but they are not mutually exclusive tenets and a high calibre of both is what we strive to achieve. We supplied Supermassive Games with design options and worked with them to fine tune these into a visually stunning website.

Supermassive Games website screenshot

  • Development

  • With the content planned, and visual wireframes mapped, it was time to begin development of the website.


From the designs, we developed a responsive, content managed website that better represented the vision and specialism of the studio. The site was developed using OrchardCMS to provide total management of the site's content and hosted on scaleable cloud infrastructure via Microsoft's Azure platform.

Pattern Library and Training

Taking advantage of the OrchardCMS, Supermassive Games would be in charge of keeping the website content up to date. To allow them to do so while keeping the website true to the original designs, a comprehensive pattern library was built covering all elements of the design.

A training session was provided to get the Supermassive Games team up to speed with their new website, OrchardCMS and the pattern library.

  • From initial discussions to final rollout Moov2 were a pleasure to work with. All of us at Supermassive Games are delighted with the new site.
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