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    • Sources of Inspiration

      07.08.17 | Mobinzadehkochak

      To share with you a little insight into our creative process, here are just some of the places that our team goes to when looking for killer ideas.

    • Introducing Game UI Patterns

      20.07.17 | Danthomas

      We recently launched Game UI Patterns: - here are four common designs you’ll see in video games (and when to use them in your own)

    • Growing Guildford Games

      13.07.17 | Bengammon

      Our head honcho Dan Thomas joined a panel at the G3 Futures Annual Conference to discuss the games industry in Guildford

    • Meet the Moov2 team

      10.07.17 | Benjoy

      Here’s your chance to meet the Moov2 team and find out about who you may be seeing on this blog in the coming months.

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